Medical Facility Projects

CUSM (California University of Science and Medicine)

The site for the new School of Medicine is currently connected directly to the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center campus.  It consist of research labs, labs support, clinical anatomy, cadaver labs, etc.  For this medical facility project, Laboratory supply and exhaust systems were designed and placed on standby power to maintain environmental conditions relative to the negative pressure of labs, exhaust form the fume hood and vented base cabinets.

Christian Brothers Mechanical Services was hired during the initial schematic design as a Design Build contractor.  In addition to having Engineers perform the design in-house, this was a BIM coordinated project and a Building Automation Controls system was performed in-house.

This medical facility project was designed to have active pressure control utilizing volumetric offset to maintain negative or positive pressure differential.  Other spaces listed above requiring pressurization will have passive pressure control to maintain airflow direction.  This was designed to be accomplished through air balance of supply and exhaust systems.

This project consisted of 6 VRF systems totaling up to 200 TONS of cooling with more than 90 indoor fan coils with 2 dedicated outside units with a combined CFM of over 42,000. Christian Brothers teamed up with ANTEC controls to design a fully operational laboratory control air valves system including 17 pressure controls for both supply and exhaust valves and room pressure controls for the laboratory.

The heating system on this project is comprised of two high-efficiency condensing boilers 3000 MBTU , variable volume, and two circulating pumps.

Due to the complicated system with a variety of pressure requirements, we designed a fully DDC control system based on a web-based Niagara N4 BACnet platform.  The system controls the exhaust fans, DOAS units, relief fan, and boilers to be integrated with the VRF system.


City of Hope Family Clinical Research Unit

OSHPD 3 Project that involved a partial remodel and new construction of a Clinical Research Unit that also includes an Infusion Treatment Center, Isolation Rooms, Chemo Room, and Pathology Lab

Work included

  • Install (2) Temtrol Air Handlers and associated Chilled Water Piping back to Hospital Central Plant
  • Install (1) Steam humidifier with associated Pressure Reducing Station, Condensate Pump and piping back to Hospital Boiler Room
  • Install (19) VAVs with Reheat and associated Heating Hot Water piping back to the Hospital Boiler Room
  • Install (4) Exhaust Fans
  • Install all associated ducting, including (8) Sound Traps
  • Install all associated Air Distribution Devices, including (8) Laminar Flow Hoods
  • Install (1) Split AC Unit with Ducted Fan Coil
  • Install (1) 100% Outside Air Split System Aaon AC Unit to serve Pathology Lab
  • Install a complete Accutrol AccuValve System (on Supply and Exhaust Systems) to control room pressure within the Chemo Isolation Room
    • Accutrol System was tied into (3) Chemo Hoods in order to maintain constant Exhaust Flow within Hoods, as well as negative room pressure
  • Install a complete Siemens building management system (BMS) with connection back to Central Plant Front End Device
    • Included Pressure Monitoring for all Isolation Rooms with Remote Alarms installed at the Nurse Station

SYHC PACE (San Ysidro Health Care Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly)

OSHPD 3 Project that involved the repurposing of an existing commercial building into a Senior Care Center

Work included

  • Upgrade existing Rooftop York Units to Title 24 Compliance by adding a Low Leak Economizer and Power Exhaust
  • Install (7) New Rooftop Package Units
  • Install (2) Split System AC Units
  • Install (5) Inline High Efficiency Filter banks for General Exhaust and Patient Care Rooms
  • All new ductwork and air distribution devices
  • Install a complete building management system (BMS) with a central controller for all new and existing equipment