Commercial HVAC Sales Engineer / Sales Estimator

Immediate Job Opening. Christian Brothers Mechanical Services is looking for one Commercial HVAC Sales Engineer / Sales Estimator.


Commercial Project Sales for HVAC

*Understands the sales process for commercial projects.

*Able to sell multiple projects.

*Sells above $8,000,000 annually.

*Strong Communicator

*Strong negotiator

*Take care of customers needs above all else.

*Bid new construction HVAC projects.


 About Us:

Christian Brothers Mechanical Services Inc. is a 35 year-old, Commercial HVAC company located in Mira Loma, Ca.  Christian Brothers seeks a professional HVAC Sales person. A person who is highly ethical, creative and has strong communication skills.  This person must be organized, self disciplined and possess good judgment along with common sense. If you are a deliberate person who knows how to get the job done, who will be responsible for sales of multiple HVAC projects, Christian Brothers is the home for you. A high level of mechanical aptitude is a must.

This self confident and decisive person must be a High School graduate and is preferred to have 10 years in commercial HVAC Sales. Experience should include HVAC equipment knowledge, duct systems, piping, controls, lifts, and cranes. 

We believe our employees must have values that align with ours to have a long and happy stay with our company.  The following is our mission, purpose and core values.



To be recognized as the best air conditioning, mechanical company. We partner with our customers to create a first class experience, to help them maximize their profit potentials.



Our purpose is to design and install high quality HVAC systems. To develop a company that meets our employees needs financially, personally, and spiritually.


Corporate core values:                                                                       

  • To outperform our competitors by building high quality HVAC systems.
  • To work hard and smart each day.
  • We will develop, mentor, and care for our employees.


Who We Expect:

*Understands the sales process.

*Able to estimate multiple projects.

*looks for ways to beat the competition.

*Sells above $8,000,000 annually.



*Self Starter

*Self Discipline


*Leader/Leadership Skills

*Strong Communicator

*Strong negotiator

*Strong computer skills

*Honest and trustworthy

*Self Confident

*No Prejudice

*Treats People with Respect

*Values Safety


*Uses Common Sense

*Uses Good Judgment



*Creative New Ideas

*Mechanical Aptitude


What We Expect:

*Take care of customers needs above all else.

*High margin sales based on strong relationships.

*Professional and highly skilled.

*Bid new construction HVAC projects.

*Purchase equipment at best negotiable price

*Thorough understanding of HVAC piping.

*Understands expected time to complete tasks.

*Understands budgets.


Desired Outcomes and Expectations:

*Sells multiple commercial projects

*Builds strong relationships with clients

*Save money through best business practices.

*Constructs projects with a high level of efficiency.

*Avoid loss of profit due to mistakes.

*Customers satisfaction increase.

*Creating a Standard of Excellence

*Contribute to Growth of Company

*Strengthen Profitability of Company

*Increase Productivity



Education, Experience, and Skill Sets Required, Desired and Preferred:

*(R) Commercial HVAC Experience.

*(R)  Mechanical aptitude.

*(R)  Computer Literacy

*(R)  High School Diploma

*(P)  Collage degree in Business, Engineering of Construction Technology.

*(D)  Managerial Skills (Supervisor)

*(P)  Experience with Lifts/Cranes

Sales Engineer for Commercial HVAC Projects

Company Information:

Christian Brothers Mechanical Services has been in business for over 30 years. We are a full service Mechanical Contractor with Design Build capabilities.

  • We are an open shop
  • We are expanding our construction department and are seeking a professional that is goal oriented, a team player, and is willing to manage multiple projects. This is a key position for future leaders we can rely on.

Christian Brothers is an equal opportunity employer.



  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Disability insurance
  • Vehicle allowance or vehicle provided
  • Gas card
  • Vacation pay
  • Holiday pay



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