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Energy Analysis

Energy Conservation Design

Christian Brothers Mechanical Services is involved in energy conservation design and construction through participation in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED is a voluntary, consensus-based, building rating system that evaluates environmental impacts over the life of a building.

One major difference in green building is in the integrated approach to construction. Every member of the building team must come together early in the design process to set goals and determine strategies to accomplish the goals.

We have LEED-accredited professionals on staff, and have a number of LEED projects in our portfolio include office buildings, fire and police stations, and educational facilities.

Energy Savings

Energy savings has grown from primarily an economical decision to a political decision with current focus on conserving our resources. Government agencies in California are continually producing new guidelines for commercial business owners to reduce their energy consumption while offering incentives to entice companies to make needed changes.

Part of commercial and industrial HVAC design is determining optimal running percentages for equipment based on system capacity and physical conditions. Proper analysis and adjustments promote extended system life and can help you realize substantial energy savings. Additionally, proper HVAC component matching has a very real effect on your efficiency and systems performance, as improperly matched equipment can hinder a great system from functioning like it was designed to.

Energy Pro

Energy Pro™ is a comprehensive energy analysis program that has been licensed by CBHVAC to perform several different calculations:

  • California Title 24 hourly energy analysis of low-rise residential buildings with an approved residential simulation (ResSim)
  • California Title 24 energy analysis of nonresidential buildings, hotels/motels and high-rise residential buildings with either a prescriptive method approach which individually calculates compliance for the envelope, lighting, and mechanical building components (NR Prescriptive), or a performance simulation method using an approved version of DOE-2.1E (Win/DOE)
  • Nonresidential design heating and cooling load calculations (NR Loads)
DOE-2 energy analysis to determine actual energy use, with or without EnergyPro as a pre-processor.

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